A Buchanan County man has lost his appeal of a drunken driving conviction. Back in November of ’98, Jeffrey Dale Temeyer spent most of the day at a duck blind, and loaded empty pop and beer cans in his vehicle for the drive home. Temeyer was stopped for speeding by cops, who reported his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Temeyer said the odor of alcohol in his car came from the empties, not from him as he only drank two of the 12 cans of beer he’d taken hunting. Temeyer said he was unable to pass the sobriety test of standing on one leg ’cause he’d hurt his ankle. And, he said being out all day in the cold had made his eyes red and watery. The state Court of Appeals, though, has said Temeyer’s drunken driving conviction should stand, as he blew a blood alcohol level of point one-six.