There’s talk about a government bailout for the nation’s ailing airline industry. Senator Tom Harkin says the nation’s airlines are clearly suffering and may need a prop because of dwindling passenger demand. Harkin says projections of 60-percent loss in business don’t get much better later.Senator Chuck Grassley says the airlines should try court-ordered bankruptcy protection and try using low-interest federal loans before he’d consider handing the airlines money from the federal treasury.Grassley says if there were to be a federal bailout, there should be protection from lawsuits against the airlines and protection against significant wage hikes for airline workers because he says he doesn’t want to see the U-S Treasury used as a bottomless pit.Senator Grassley is urging his colleagues to quickly confirm those nominated to posts in the federal government’s law enforcement agencies.The President’s picks for top posts must gain a “yes” vote of confirmation from the U-S Senate.Grassley sent a letter today to the leaders of the Senate, asking for action. Grassley says 93 U-S Marshals, 93 U-S Attorneys and about 100 federal judges should be confirmed before the Senate adjourns in the next two months.