Iowa’s two U-S Senators were among the group of 40 Senators who traveled today to “ground zero” — where the World Trade Center once stood.Senator Tom Harkin says no pictures do justice to the scene — the rubble, the acrid smoke, the devastation. He says it’s like something out of a World War Two movie. Senator Charles Grassley agrees, saying it was much different from the impression you get on television. Grassley says it’s destruction he’s never seen before and hopes to never see again.Harkin says the visit was intended to send a message to New Yorkers that Americans understand the attack was against the entire country.Grassley says the World Trade Center site should become a national symbol of our country’s resolve. He says it’s where “death reigns” and says it must be cleaned up to show the terrorists that they have no victory over America. Grassley says he was heartened to see the effort of those who’re digging through the rubble.Harkin saw a rescue worker post the American flag on some steel beams. He says it just about took his breath away. Harkin snapped some digital pictures, and plans to post them on his Senate website.