A ceremony at Camp Dodge today honored Iowa prisoners of war and those who’re listed as missing in action. Bob Forney of Boone was a member of the Iowa National Guard when World War Two broke out in 1941. He was called to active duty and later spent 14 months in a German prison camp. Forney says it’s important that POWs continue to tell their stories as an inspiration to Iowans.Forney says young people especially need to hear about the sacrifices “POWs” and “MIA’s” made for their country. Forney says the recent terrorist attacks are a “real awakening,” as Americans never believed such and attack could happen. Forney talks about what current guardmembers might be feeling.Forney says guardmembers knew when they signed up they might have to go to war if called. Forney says getting to today’s ceremony at Camp Dodge showed how things have changed.As a retired member of the Guard, he’d been able to move easily around Camp Dodge. Today he said there are barricades up and you can only go into the armory one way.