An Iowa expert says fear and concern may linger in people’s minds for some time following the recent terrorist attacks.David Towle, the Director of the Counseling Center at the University of Northern Iowa, says it’s okay for people to have fear and apprehension after such an event. Some people have reported they’re afraid to go out of their homes.He says extreme fears and anxiety are normal considering we don’t know what’s going to happen next. But, Towle agrees with the calls for things to “return to normal.” He says if you are still afraid to go outdoors or to your job, you should try to talk to a professional like a counselor or priest.Each person is different in how they react to stress and fear, and he says some people may have a delayed reaction that hits later on. Towle says talking is one way everyone can deal with the stress.People need to carry on other activities, too, such as praying, exercising and socializing with others.