While computer users last week struggled to fight off an attack by what some call the worst virus yet, some who caught the last one have gotten good news. Qwest has thousands of Iowa customers for its DSL high-speed Internet lines, and the phone company’s Michael Sadler says to cure the virus attack in August, the company created a software “patch.”It’s software they download from the company website that will fight the virus. Customers complained when the “Code Red” virus interrupted online connections, but the cure may be better than they expected.Tests show DSL customers who installed the code red patch seem to have avoided the latest virus. Sadler says if you didn’t get a virus, it may be due to a good anti-virus program, or good timing.You have to be logged on to the Internet when the worm’s being sent, so if you weren’t online, you wouldn’t catch it. Both home and business computers were hit hard by August’s “Code Red” attack, but this week’s “Nimda” virus seemed to focus more on business computer systems.