An Iowa City woman is e-mailing radio stations across Iowa, trying to convince program directors to play a 1980s rock song as a new “anthem” for America’s war on terrorism.The 1982 hit “Lunatic Fringe” by the band Red Rider struck a chord with Liz Smothers, who works in the University of Iowa’s Psychiatry Research Department. She burned the song onto a C-D earlier this year and happened across it a few days ago and says it just hit her “wham!” as perfect.The lyrics include lines like: “We’re wise to you this time/we won’t let you kill the laughter. In the twilight’s last gleaming, this is open season/You won’t get too far, we know you’ve got to blame someone for your own confusion/But we’re on guard this time.” Smothers says the 19-year-old song seems like it was made to respond to today’s terrorism.Smothers says the song is helping her cope with the terrorist attacks September 11th — and thinks it may allow others to feel stronger too. She’s sent email to program directors at radio stations across the state, including in: Clinton, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Ames, Waterloo/Cedar Falls and others.