The University of Northern Iowa celebrates the 25th anniversary of the UNI-Dome today. Spokesperson Heather Johnson says the facility on the west side of the Cedar Falls campus has become a landmark after a questionable beginning. She says there were some people who didn’t want the dome built back in 1976. The UNI-Dome has been host to countless football games, concerts, trade shows and graduations since it opened. Johnson says the building has grown through the years.The inflatable fabric roof was replaced in 1998 with a metal and fabric roof. Johnson says they’ll hold a ceremony in the south parking lot of the dome.The events will lead up to the U-N-I football game at four o’clock. The first 10-thousand fans who go to the game will get some gifts, such as commemorative tickets.It’s estimated that 400-thousand people attend some type of event at the UNI-Dome each year.