Millions of black-speckled, orange and red Asian ladybugs are invading homes in northeast Iowa. Fayette County Extension Department Director Dan Burkhart says an infestation of Chinese soybean aphids created a feeding frenzy for the ladybugs. Now, the aphids are gone and the ladybugs are still hanging around.The ladybugs are still hungry and are looking for a food source. Burkhart says the ladybugs are going to be a nuisance for awhile.You can vacuum them up, but they’re likely to come back.He says you can keep them away while outside by avoiding the colors they like.They’re attracted to white, yellow or other light clothing. Burkhart says the bugs will nip at you to see if you’re a food source. Burkhart says the bugs won’t really do any damage to your home.Burkhart says the bugs will likely reappear in homes in March as they warm up and try to get outside.