The leaves are changing colors, and officials have rigged up a way for you to find the best colors in Iowa. Each week, the state Tourism Office and Department of Natural Resources will issue a report on the Internet. The address is Shawna Lode of the Iowa Tourism Office says the website will have regional information, including the best areas for viewing. The info will be updated every Tuesday. She says they get a lot of calls about Fall foliage. She says color should peak around the eighth of the month in Northeast Iowa, and then later in the rest of the state.Lode can’t say what percentage of Iowa’s tourism business comes from folks who drive, bike or hike through the countryside looking at the fall foliage. But, she says there’s evidence that a lot of people take the trips to see the colors.In general, the leaves in northeast Iowa should reach their peak this weekend. The rest of the state should follow in the remaining weeks of October.