Iowans who are gluttons for punishment -and- who want a shot at the “big money” can try out for T-V’s “Weakest Link” this month. N-B-C plans to start taping a half-hour version of the quiz show in November that’ll start airing five days a week in January. The network is holding auditions for contestants at the downtown Des Moines Embassy Suites on Saturday, October 13th, starting at 9 A-M. Sarah-Jane Smollin, Executive in Charge of Contestants, says attitude isn’t a requirement to succeed on “Weakest Link,” but fortitude could help you survive the feisty hostess.No reservation is required on the 13th. Anyone who wants to audition, who’s at least 18 years old, should simply show up at 9 A-M and they’ll be given a card with the time they should return to the hotel to audition. For more information, call 800 390-1001.