Governor Tom Vilsack has given the director of Iowa’s emergency management agency new duties, and changed her title to Iowa’s “homeland security advisor.” Ellen Gordon has headed the agency that responds to emergencies since 1986. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge today took over as PresidentBush’s new director of homeland security, and Gordon is to work with Ridge.Gordon says she’s been informed there is a “high probability” terroristswill try to launch an attack here or abroad in the “very, very nearfuture.” Gordon’s agency is conducting a statewide inventory of possibleterrorist targets. Governor Vilsack has asked that the inventory becompleted in 60 days. He says there will be some expense to makingsecurity changes. Vilsack urges Iowans to contact police if they noticeanything unusual, as he says the “smallest tip might make the biggestdifference.” Police, fire fighters and ambulance crews have been told tokeep an eagle eye on their equipment, as terrorists sometimes commandeerfire trucks or police cruisers.