Mid-American Energy has filed the paperwork to pave the way for a new electric generating plant. State lawmakers streamlined the process for getting permits to build new power plants, and MidAmerican spokesman Kevin Waetke says they’ve already placed orders for some of the equipment.
MidAmerican has ordered two gas-fired turbines, steam turbines, transformers and other stuff critical to build the plant. Waetke says it’s been about two decades since a new power plant was built in Iowa.
The new plant will burn natural gas, which Waetke says is a relatively clean fuel. Emission control will be state-of-the-art, and the plant will generate more power with new heat-recovery technology. MidAmerican officials have already negotiated contracts for the natural gas.
On Monday, MidAmerican filed an application for a “generating-facility certificate” with the state utilities board. The plant will be built in Pleasant Hill, just east of Des Moines, and construction’s scheduled to start in the spring.