A “suspicious” letter sent to the Iowa Capitol building is being tested. Mark Willemssen is the Iowa Legislature’s facilities manager.
A letter addressed to Congressman Tom Latham was delivered to the statehouse mailroom in Des Moines. It was from Sri Lanka, and there was no return address. The letter was bagged and sent to a state lab for testing.
Willemssen says the letter raised all sorts of red flags, particularly since Latham’s office is in D-C, not Des Moines.
The address wasn’t quite correct, there were misspellings, and it had foreign stamps on it.
The Washington, D-C office of Congressman Jim Leach got a questionable envelope yesterday. It had no return address, an illegible postmark and stamps from Sri Lanka, too.
A suspicious package was left at the UNI-dome in Cedar Falls after U-N-I’s football game Saturday night. U-N-I public safety director David Zarifis says it wasn’t a bomb. He says they sent the package on to a lab for testing.
Zarifis says it will be several days before tests are completed on the contents.