Small businesses in Iowa that were hurt by the September 11th terrorist attacks may be eligible for federal loans.
All sorts of businesses in Iowa were financially damaged by the attacks. The list may include travel agents, bed-and-breakfasts, cropdusters and numerous airport-related businesses. Cheryl Eftink, director of the Des Moines office of the U-S Small Business Administration, says the S-B-A is changing the way it classifies disaster loans. Before, only businesses in declared disaster areas in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D-C could qualify — but now it’s any small business nationwide. Eftink says business owners will have to show how their business was hurt by the attacks.
The low-interest loans are available through the S-B-A and can be for sums up to one-and-a-half million dollars. For details, call 800-366-6303 or surf to “”.