Iowa’s representatives in the nation’s capitol are scrambling to keep in touch with Iowans.
Mail hasn’t been delivered on Capitol Hill since October 8th when a letter with anthrax was found in the Senate Majority Leader’s office, and most Congressional office buildings are still closed. For example, Senator Charles Grassley has two staff members with him in a tiny office in the Capitol. Makeshift operations are set up in other places, like the nearby homes of staff members. Grassley says the atmosphere in Washington is somber, and it looks like a ghost town around the Capitol.
But Grassley says work goes on, as the House and Senate continue to meet and take votes. He says if the government quit functioning, then it would be a victory for terrorists.
If you sent a letter to an Iowa Congressman or Senator in the past 10 days that needed urgent attention, the federal lawmakers say the best way to contact them is by telephoning their Iowa offices, or sending an e-mail.