State officials warned again today against buying the anthrax antidote “Cipro” via the Internet.Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller says a variety of websites are offering the antibiotic for sell on the Internet. Miller says that’s illegal, and unnecessary, as no anthrax has been diagnosed in Iowa. He says the quality of Internet drugs is often not good and there can be hidden costs.Miller says you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in extra fees for Cipro purchased on the web. The Vice President of the Iowa Pharmacy Association joined Miller in the warning. Nancy Bowersox says Cipro should only be taken if it’s prescribed by a doctor.Bowersox says Cipro can cause many adverse reactions with other drugs.Bowersox says you should get checked to be sure you have been exposed to anthrax before even thinking of taking Cipro. Bowersox also says there is an ample supply of Cipro and other drugs to combat any anthrax threat — so stockpiling the drug only causes shortages for the people who really need it.