Former U-S Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says the Bush Administration needs to “speak with one voice” to quiet fears about anthrax. Yesterday, a White House spokesman said the mail was “overwhelmingly safe” while the Postmaster General said he couldn’t guarantee the mail’s safety. She says we’re in uncharted waters, but she says having one person speak would simplify things.Albright says there’s a great deal of confusion about what’s going on with the anthrax-laden letters.Albright, who described herself as an “ordinary media consumer,” said she is confused by what she hears. She says there needs to be as many facts put out without hysteria. Albright says it’s sometimes hard to dig through all the information.Albright spoke last night in Cedar Falls at a University of Northern Iowa lecture series. Beforehand, she held a news conference, and chided the media for fueling the nation’s fears about anthrax.Albright says the media has a responsibility not to report unsubstantiated details and should stick to calm rather than hype.Albright praised the Bush Administration’s moves in the international arena.