Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, talked with reporters about the details of his Ag bill today. Harkin’s bill is dramatically different from a bill that’s passed the House. Harkin, a democrat, says his bill is better for a couple of reasons.He believes his bill is more fair to farmers in terms of commodities and regions of the country. Harkin says the House farm bill is balanced more toward prices, instead of prices and production. Harkin says his bill would spend seven-point-two billion dollars on conservation programs. And he says he has limited the bill to five years.Harkin believes there’s a “broad consensus” for a five-year bill, as it gives more flexibility than a 10-year bill if conditions change. Harkin was asked if he’d be able to get the Bush Administration and the House to go along with his bill.Harkin says the White House didn’t like the House bill and he says the Senate bill is probably closer to what the White House wants. Harkin says work will continue on the bill through next week.