Unlike yesterday’s revelation that bridges in California were threatened, Iowa Homeland Security director Ellen Gordon says there’s been no identified “credible” terrorist threat to any Iowa location.Gordon says Iowans still need to be wary, but not overly worried. She says it’s important that we continue going to work and school to keep the economy going. Gordon wants legislators to make sure state law gives her the authority to respond to “homeland security” issues. Gordon, who’s also the state’s emergency management director, says existing state law only mobilizes public defense and emergency forces in traditional disasters, like floods and tornadoes. She says she’ll make a recommendation to the governor and let legislators decide what’s needed.Gordon will present her proposal to the Governor late this afternoon, just before he meets with lawmakers to talk about the agenda for next week’s special legislative session. Gordon made her comments during taping of Iowa Public T-V’s “Iowa Press,” which airs at 6:30 tonight.