As Iowans make their travel plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, a new survey finds Americans are overcoming their fears of flying after the September 11th attacks. Triple-A-Iowa spokesman Daren Van Helden says the poll finds many people are willing to pay more and wait longer to fly.The survey found about one-third of people are “very confident” in the current airport and in-flight security system and 59-percent said they’d pay an additional air security charge on their tickets. Van Helden says 93-percent wanted secure cockpit doors on their jets.The motor club hasn’t yet made its predictions for the Thanksgiving holiday, but that’s expected in the next week or so. Van Helden says air travel “took a significant hit” following the terrorist attacks in September.Three-quarters of those surveyed would accept staffing flights with armed sky marshals while only 48-percent supported allowing pilots to carry guns.