Woodworkers and nostalgic Davenport residents are clamoring over discarded locker doors from an aging high school. The original lockers were nailed in place by carpenters at then Davenport High School in 1904. Now, Central High principal Clancey Simmons says the lockers have been ripped out and replaced — and the old doors are selling for ten to 50-dollars, depending on their condition. Simmons says the oak doors are being used for all sorts of projects, such as room dividers, as doors for cabinets, even as headboards for their beds.Simmons says the space under the lockers yielded decades of students’ lost belongings. He says one girl’s diploma from 1944 was down there and still in good shape, along with a treasure trove of notes, pictures and long-overdue homework assignments. Simmons says he was rather surprised by how much interest there’s been in the old locker doors. He says they had over 100 people waiting when they started selling the doors.More than 300 of the locker doors were sold on Saturday, the first day they went on sale. About 700 are left. Simmons says money raised from the locker door sale will go toward student projects and needed school supplies.