The University of Northern Iowa produces more new teachers than any other institution in the state. Now they come with a sort of warranty. Thomas Switzer, dean of U-N-I’s College of Education, says Iowa school districts that hire U-N-I grads have a promise of help, if they need it.Dean Switzer says letters are being sent to every school superintendent in Iowa. For the first two years of teaching, if teachers and their districts show a need for any type of help, U-N-I will develop an improvement plan at no charge.Switzer says learning doesn’t end at graduation and sometimes new teachers need a hand. He says he wants Iowa school districts to know, U-N-I stands behind it’s “products” and is committed to helping new teachers adjust to teaching in the real world.U-N-I recommends about 700 graduating students for teaching licenses every year, numbers Switzer says have gradually risen for several years.