Actor Nicolas Cage has signed on to play an Iowa State trooper in a sci-fi flick.Wendol Jarvis of the Iowa Film Office is working to get at least part of the movie shot in Iowa. The working title is “The Volunteer”. The story? Cage’s character — the Iowa State trooper — becomes a pawn between two alien races when he tries to avenge the death of his daughter. Jarvis expects to get lots of questions from the film company once production gets rolling. He says they may look at what things look like in Iowa and use some form of things such as uniforms for their costumes. Ironically, Jarvis is working on another project involving a character who’s a state trooper. Actor and director Ed Harris, you may remember him as John Glenn in “The Right Stuff”, has bought the rights to a real-life trooper’s story.Jarvis says it’s based on a “true event” that happened in the 1960s — and he can’t say much more than that.