A trio of lawmakers aren’t going along with the general plan for today’s “special” legislative session. Representative Bob Brunkhorst, a republican from Waverly, wants to cut about 10-million dollars more from the budget, on top of the 200-million Governor Vilsack ordered November 1st because state tax revenues are lagging. He says that will let the state go down to one percent revenue growth and still be in the black.Brunkhorst wouldn’t cut education any more, in fact he’d give community colleges more money, but he says executive branch agencies and the state universities can stand more cuts. Brunkhorst’s proposals won’t win today, but he plans to press his points anyway. He says lawmakers tend to get locked in on one plan during a special session, and he wants to present an alternative.Senator Steve King, a republican from Kiron, wants to divert unused construction money for those “Vision Iowa” projects to cover some of the cuts in education spending. He says, “we’re building the equivalent of swimming pools out here while our roof is leaking, and we have a very critical budget circumstance.” He says lawmakers need to pay off their bills first before building new buildings.Representative Mike Cormack, a republican from Fort Dodge, joined King and Brunkhorst in the effort.