The owner of the Quad-City River Bandits is taking a wait-and-see attitude about major-league baseball owners’ decision to eliminate two teams before the start of the new season. One of the teams could be the Minnesota Twins, and that could spell trouble for the Davenport-based River Bandits, a Class A affiliate of the Twins. But team owner Kevin Krause says if Minnesota does get the axe, he hopes the remaining major-league teams agree to more farm teams, and someone could pick up the Bandits. Or he says there could be a co-op arrangement, where more than one major-league team shared a single farm team. In the meantime Krause plans to eventually move the Bandits out of Davenport because the city won’t make what Krause says are some vital renovations to John O-Donnel Stadium. The Davenport city council’s taking a 2-way approach: aldermen have authorized spending up to 25-thousand dollar for a consulting study of the stadium. They’ve also told the city administrator to ask Krause if he’ll sign a waiver letting the city seek a new team even though the Bandits still have a contract with the city.