Tibetan monks will chant their unique harmonic music this weekend in Iowa. Keokuk on Sunday will host a group of singing monks who hail originally from the Himalayas. Geshe Lobsang is director of the “Mystical Arts of Tibet.”Tibet for centuries focused on spiritual ceremonies like chant for cultivating both inner harmony and peace with the world. The monks have been based for years now at a monastery in Atlanta, Georgia, but their popularity’s increasing all the time.After September 11, they recieved more comments, including on the Internet, telling how people find the performances comforting. Their multi-phonic chanting has become a hit, and the monks have recorded CDs of their singing, instrumental music, and with another religious performing group.The Tibetan music was teamed with Gregorian chants and recorded in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave. The monks perform Sunday afternoon in Keokuk’s Grand Theatre. For more information on the monks, see www.mysicalartsoftibet.com.