The end of October and the beginning of November signaled the end of the smog season in Iowa. Brian Button of the Department of Natural Resources Air Quality Bureau says the smog season begins in April. He says there were few problems this year with one unhealthy day of smog in June. Button says there were some close calls were levels got close to unhealthy, but changes in the wind kept the levels down.Button says the weather plays a big role in the formation of smog. It forms best in very hot days without much wind.While there was only one day with unhealthy smog levels, Button says there were more days where there were unhealthy levels of small particulate pollution. That’s when a number of small particle of pollution are trapped in the air.He says smog can be reduced by reducing emissions on hot days, but it’s tougher to get a handle on what causes particulate pollution.Button says you can find out more about Iowa’s air by surfing to