The republican who’s running for Attorney General says the democrat who’s now holding that job will waste taxpayers’ money if he pursues the case against Microsoft. Federal negotiators have reached a deal with Microsoft in an anti-trust case started by states, including Iowa. Republican candidate David Millage of Bettendorf says Attorney General democrat Tom Miller should accept the settlement.Millage says since the judge who’s handling the case has approved the settlement, Attorneys General from Iowa and eight other states aren’t going to have much luck before that judge.Millage says at a time when the state government is scraping by, the hard-earned money of Iowa taxpayers should not be used to extend the case.Millage, who’s an attorney, is currently a state Representative and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. A spokesman for Attorney General Tom Miller says Miller hasn’t made up his mind yet on the Microsoft case. Miller has been Iowa’s Attorney General for 19 years.