The Iowa Department of Human Services has launched a public education campaign on the state’s new “safe haven” law. The law was passed last spring was in response to the death of “Baby Chelsea” who authorities say was abandoned by her teenage mother last February. D-H-S spokesman Roger Munns says they’ve developed a logo and are doing whatever they can to get the message out.They’ve created posters and website information that’s being distributed to areas targeted for “at-risk” parents. Munns says they want to be sure those in need take advantage of the law.Munns says the want desperate parents to known they can leave newborns at hospitals and other public health facilities, without any legal ramifications. Munns says it’s hard to know if the effort will work.Munns says you can find out more information about the “Safe Haven” law at the D-H-S website at, or by calling 800-369-2229.