Iowa’s Governor talked about Saturday’s Iowa/Iowa State football game during his weekly news conference.Governor Tom Vilsack joked that the date of the “Super Bowl” had been moved up, and the location changed to Ames.Vilsack will attend Saturday’s game. A reporter at Vilsack’s weekly news conference asked the Governor who he’ll be rooting for, and Vilsack said “the U-N-I side.”Governor Vilsack failed to bag a bird in the Governor’s Annual Pheasant Hunt held this past weekend in the Marshalltown area. Vilsack says he and the other hunters in his party shot a pheasant, but their inexperienced dog couldn’t find it.Vilsack’s predecessor, Terry Branstad, started the annual tradition of hosting a pheasant hunt. Vilsack says it’s part of the “Iowa Tradition”, and says a lot of young people get raised through he process of hunting.Vilsack’s Department of Natural Resources chief bagged his limit of pheasants in two hours.