As the holiday shopping frenzy kicks into high gear, the Iowa Public Interest Research Group is releasing its list of potentially hazardous toys. While PIRG usually targets toys that pose toxic or choking hazards, this year’s list is accented by potential noise hazards, like the Power Gear Turbo Blaster.PIRG spokeswoman Amber Hard says exposure to noise levels of 90 decibels and above for between one and two hours can cause hearing loss in children. Hard says the Turbo Blaster and the Sesame Street Talking C-D Player tested above 85 decibels.A PIRG study finds 15-percent of children between the ages of six and 17 show signs of hearing loss. Hard says those C-D players are a potential threat to a child’s hearing.Scooters are still popular items on kids’ wish lists. Hard says PIRG is emphasizing to parents that children need to wear the proper safety gear when scooting — and should never ride the metallic two-wheelers at night.Hard says PIRG researchers found several types of balloons that are being marketed to children below the recommended age.To see the full rundown of the toys, surf to “”.