A University of Northern Iowa English instructor says parents who try to steer their kids away from the “Harry Potter” books are missing a big opportunity. Some parents are concerned the references to witchcraft and wizardry in the books will teach kids the wrong things. Gina Burkart says the books can be a way to open lines of communication with your child, and let you control the discussion.she says the books are full of opportunities to talk about real life issues. Burkart says it’s a rare chance to capitalize on something that really interests kids. She says the books are really exciting to kids, which should make it easier for parents to discuss them with kids. Burkart says trying to keep kids away from the “Harry Potter” phenomenon may only serve to pique their interest even more, so she says you should use the interest to your advantage.Burkart says discussing things with kids, whether it be movies, books, drugs or anything else, is important in leading them in the right direction. She’s developing an instructional guide for schools to use with “Harry Potter.”Burkhart’s even tailoring the guide for use in private schools that will show how religious references pertain to what’s happening to Harry.Burkart says the “Harry Potter” craze is a blessing in disguise for parents looking for a way to connect with their kids.