Planned Parenthood plans to add H-I-V testing as a service at all of its 17 Iowa locations. Vice-President for health services Penny Dickey says they’ve been able to expand their training to increase the availability of the testing.Up to now, such testing was only offered at two clinics, one in Des Moines, and the other in Iowa City. The test for the virus that causes AIDS is a “non-invasive” test. They take a swab from your mouth using a swab.The “oral-fluids” test is pretty accurate, Dickey says, and results are back within a couple weeks. The clinics also will counsel all clients who come in for the H-I-V testing.Counselors talk with a client about their risk and anything they can do to cut their risk of getting the disease. Dickey says the Planned Parenthood clinics will safeguard results of the H-I-V tests and won’t give results over the phone or release data to anyone without the patient’s written consent. The tests will cost 30 dollars.