Iowa Farm Bureau president Ed Wiederstein says Iowa farmers are doing o-k in these tough economic times.Wiederstein says when you look at the picture as a whole, he can’t say farmers are in super bad shape, because they aren’t. Wiederstein says, though, most farmers earn a paycheck from some other job to supplement their income from farming.Wiederstein says Farm Bureau members hope the Farm Bill gets passed soon. He says farmers need to know what is going to happen, so they have time to plan.Wiederstein addressed the Farm Bureau convention this morning in Des Moines, urging delegates to take stock of their lives and become part of something larger than themselves — a tribute to those who died September 11th. Wiederstein, who’s from Audubon, is seeking re-election to the Farm Bureau Presidency. Craig Lang of Brooklyn and Craig Hill of Milo are running, too.