The federal Housing and urban Development office has sent one-point-three-seven million dollars to Iowa for its AIDS housing network. The Iowa Housing Finance Authority’s Monica Fischer says the money was handed out in two rounds, the first going to states with the most AIDS patients.Fortunately, Iowa doesn’t have a high proportion of people living with AIDS/HIV, so we were in on the second, competitive round and were one of just four states to get grant money. Fischer says Iowa’s application showed strong cooperation among agencies using the money.A key thing was the leverage of funds, getting 1.37 million from HUD to be matched with 2-point-8 million from other sources to help support those dollars. Fischer says the Iowa Finance Authority, in partnership with the Iowa Coalition for Housing and the Homeless, will use the money for rental assistance, transportation, emergency shelter, food and other supportive services. Six housing or service agencies across the state will share the money, and while they’re all based in urban areas, they serve surrounding rural areas so 79 counties will be helped by the grant. Caseworkers say the money will help create a stable living environment, something critical forlow-income people living with AIDS and HIV, who have complex drug therapies and the risk of side effects.