A fast-moving storm sparked some thunderstorm warnings as it rumbled through the state. National Weather Service forecaster Jeff Wallenfang says this time of year we should be shoveling snow, not watching for lightning.Late fall and winter thunderstorms are likely to produce hail and Wallenfang says that’s why the alert was issued today. Wallenfang says forecasters had their work cut out for them just keeping up with the fast moving front.The storms were moving northeast up to seventy miles an hour, moving so fast, they’d enter a county and fifteen minutes later they’d passed on. The storm front signaled the end to weather so out of the ordinary, the state set records before noon, including 67 at Ottumwa and 65 at Webster City.The cold front here in early December still isn’t going to change things much, with temps staying above normal the next week. Will there be snow enough to land a sleigh on two and-a-half weeks from now?He says Santa might need an airplane, though there’s plenty of time for things to change.