Congressman Tom Latham calls today’s U-S House vote on “Trade Promotion Authority” vital to the nation’s economy.”Trade Promotion Authority” — what used to be called “Fast Track” authority — would grant the President broader powers to negotiate international trade deals.Latham says “Trade Promotion Authority” will help establish fair rules for trade.Latham says today’s vote will be close, but he predicts it will pass the House.Congressman Leonard Boswell, a democrat from Davis City, has announced he’ll vote in favor of “Trade Promotion Authority” today. Boswell, however, favors the democrats’ alternative which would have required “fair” labor laws in countries the U-S signs trade agreements with.Democrats also want U-S trading partners to have tougher environmental regulations. Boswell probably won’t get a chance to vote on his party’s alternative as republicans control the House debate agenda and will advance their own proposal. Boswell doubts President Bush will get “Trade Promotion Authority” anytime soon because there’ll be a republican show-down with the democrat-controlled Senate.