The number of schools offering eight-man football will increase next season. Rick Wulkow is with the Iowa High School Athletic Association. He says it looks like there will be 43 teams for the next season, and increase of 18. One of the previous eight-man teams, Okoboji-Milford, went back to 11-man football.Wulkow says a football advisory committee has put forward a change in the eight-man playoff system. The committee recommends they form five districts with each district champion qualifying for the playoffs and three at-large teams qualifying.After holding the championship game the past two seasons at Adair-Casey high school, Wulkow says the site for next year’s title game could be moved. The committee is recommending that the championship be moved to the UNI-Dome to be played with the other championship games. Wulkow says they figured out a way to adjust the field to hold the eight-man championship.Wulkow says the Association’s Board in Control will meet December 19th to consider the changes.