Social Security checks for recipients in Iowa and three other states were delayed this week by a SNAFU in the postal service. Regional Social Security Administration spokesman John Garlinger says the good news is, they’ve been found.Benefits go to more than 50-million Americans each month, and those who have them deposited directly into an account don’t risk a lost check. Garlinger says most recipients get their Social Security check on the third of the month, but those who looked in the mail Monday were disappointed. They’re asking people to wait till the mail comes today and if it’s still not there, call the local office. Garlinger says 85 percent of clients in Iowa, more than the national average, have their social security deposited directly into a bank account. He says it’ll just show up in your account every month, though the agency knows not everyone will opt for direct deposit. Most checks should arrive today. Garlinger says they usually arrive on the third of the month. As far as he knows, the delay in delivery of the Social Security checks isn’t due to any national-security slowdowns or concerns over anthrax in the postal system. He adds setting up direct deposit saves the Social Security trust fund 133-million dollars a year in the cost of printing and mailing checks.