Iowa Congressman Tom Latham says legislation that promises to be “the most sweeping education reform bill in decades” will go up for a vote in the U-S House today. It’s called “No Child Left Behind” and Latham says it gives students the tools they need to learn and will hold schools more accountable.Latham says the bill gives flexibility to school districts, teachers and parents to make decisions at the local level, while allowing the public to know how well their school is doing in comparison to others.Latham, a republican from Alexander, says with this vote, “it’s a very, very important day..for our kids and for the future of this country.”The U-S House passed the bipartisan Bioterrorism bill yesterday, which Congressman Latham says “will help us in protecting our domestic security.”In addition to more funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Latham says the bill would expand stockpiles of medicines and supplies like smallpox vaccines. He says the legislation would also help insure the continued safety of our drinking water.