An Iowa City woman charged with killing her husband, and prominent member of the University of Iowa faculty, made her first court appearance yesterday.54-year-old Phyllis Nelson is charged with stabbing her husband Richard Nelson early Wednesday in a Cedar Rapids apartment. He was an executive dean of the U-of-I College of medicine. Authorities say they found divorce papers and a letter addressed “Dearest Phyllis” in the woman’s home. The two were apparently separated. Police say the knife used in the attack did not match cutlery found in the apartment, which could be a basis for [a charge of] premeditation. The woman told police her intent was to “hurt” the victim and admitted to authorities she stabbed her husband to death. An autopsy report shows Dr Nelson died of blood loss after being stabbed once in the heart. Phyllis Nelson’s in the Linn County jail on a 250-thousand dollar bond.