We set a record for a warm November, and so far December’s been above average, too. Craig Solberg, a forecaster with the private Freese-Notis weather service, says there could be a chill in our future. He says significant cold weather headed for the Midwest after Christmas might make it not a record warm December. The lack of snow that signals our mild temps also means less precipitation than usual, but Solberg says you can’t blame “El Nino” or the global weather patterns we’ve called up in past years.He says those phenomena just aren’t here this year, no ninos, just Mother Nature being unpredictable, he says. So enjoy the last few days of unseasonably nice weather, and keep all the winter coats handy.Within a couple weeks he says it’ll get very cold, below zero by the end of the year. Solberg says while we escaped snow almost entirely before Christmas, they got plenty in regions all around us, from Minnesota to the lower Mississippi Valley.