The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected the arguments of a Keokuk woman convicted four years ago of first degree murder, kidnapping and child stealing.Kimmi Lynn Hardy argued her lawyer was ineffective and he should have used an insanity defense. Hardy was accused of faking a pregnancy, befriending Teresa Lund, then killing Lund and taking Lund’s baby. During her trial, Hardy claimed she bought the baby for 15-hundred dollars, but did bury Lund’s body after discovering it in the crawl space of her house. Hardy’s husband, Robert, testified that he helped bury the body and had been told by his wife to lie — saying she had indeed been pregnant and he delivered the baby himself. The Court of Appeals has rejected Hardy’s contention that her attorney should have objected to her husband’s testimony. They say Robert Hardy’s testimony fit her defense. The Court also said a psychiatrist asked to interview Hardy concluded she was “a little bit different” but not insane.