State regulators fined the owners of the Diamond Jo riverboat casino in Dubuque 10-thousand dollars today for allowing a minor onto the boat. State Racing and Gaming administrator Jack Ketterer says the underage gambler got onto the boat August 25th.The minor was in the casino for an hour-and-a-half, gambling and drinking alcohol. Ketterer says the minor wasn’t discovered until he tried to get a cash advance on his credit card using a fake I-D.Ketterer says the number of minors who get into Iowa casinos is very small compared to the thousands of visitors they have each year.He says there needs to be more done to make minors think twice about trying to get into casinos to gamble, as the fine for that offense is very small.The State Racing and Gaming commission issued the fine to Peninsula Gaming Company which owns the Diamond Jo. The company did not contest the fine. Ketterer says the fine would increase if there’s another violation within a year.