A report to the State Board of Regents next week will show the fourth straight increase in the number of faculty resignations at Iowa, Iowa State and U-N-I. The 158 resignations was the highest total since 1987. One-hundred-65 faculty members resigned that year. The University of Iowa was the only school to see a decrease in resignations, but Provost Jon Whitmore says the 67 resignations are still a worry.He says almost everyone who left did so because another job paid more than they were making here. Exit interviews show about 90-percent of faculty who quit took better offers at other universities, in government or the private sector.The provost understands the state’s dire financial situation will weigh heavily on the board’s collective mind, however, he’ll still push for more competitive salaries. He says the Regents will likely want to put any additional money into increasing salaries.Iowa State University saw resignations rise from 45 to 55 and the University of Northern Iowa went from 32 to 36 resignations.