Democrat state Senator Pat Deluhery of Davenport’s been traveling the state this week, formally kicking off his campaign for State Auditor. Deluhery’s likely general election opponent, West Des Moines republican David Vaudt, stresses that he is a Certified Public Accountant and Deluhery’s not. Deluhery says it’s not necessary for the State Auditor to be a C-P-A. Deluhery stresses his political experience instead. He says having the voters chose him over his opponent demonstrates a certain credibility.Outgoing State Auditor Richard Johnson earned a “whistleblower” reputation by calling both democrats and his fellow republicans on the carpet when he found spending abuses. Deluhery promises he’ll be that kind of Auditor, too.Deluhery’s an assistant professor of economics and business at St. Ambrose University. He’s been a legislator for the past 23 years.