The Board that governs the three state universities will receive a recommendation next week to allow Public Safety officers on the campuses to carry stun guns. University of Iowa Public Safety Director Chuck Green started the movement to arm the officers with the devices. Green says it will help officers.He says it will increase the safety of officers and those they’re protecting. Green says the use of stun guns is not a step toward arming officers with guns that shoot bullets.Green says that issue is not connected with the stun gun issue at all. Part of the proposal would also change the designation of officers at the U-of-I and Iowa State University to call them “police.” Green says that title would help clarify their duties, as some people now believer they don’t have the power to arrest them because they’re called public safety officers.Officers at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls will not take the police designation if it’s approved, but will carry stun guns. U-N-I Public Safety Director Dave Zarifis says they would be a welcome addition.Zarifis says the stun guns would be helpful on calls that weapons might turn up unexpectedly.The Regents will receive the recommendation at their meeting next week in Iowa City.