A group supporting the widening of Highway 20 across Iowa is seeking to keep the graders and pavers moving on the project. Roughly 100 miles of the highway between Fort Dodge and Moville remains to be expanded to make it a four-lane route all the way from Dubuque to Sioux City. Members of the U-S 20 Corridor Association will ask the State Transportation Commission to keep enough money flowing to the project to get it done. Group spokesperson Sharon Irwin of Early says the route is vital to the economic well being of the northwest and north central part of the state.Irwin says the D-O-T’s budget situation has more room in it now to give to the project.She says the state’s collected more road use taxes than anticipated, and that extra money should go to the Highway 20 expansion. Irwin says they have petitions with lots of signatures supporting their cause.The group will present the petitions and speak to the Transportation Commission at its meeting this morning in Ames.