The “Top of Iowa Wind Farm,” dedicated in December, has been sold. A Houston-based utility, Entergy, has bought majority ownership of the 80-megawatt wind farm. Regional economic-development leader Beth Bilyeu-Hesse says Iowa’s latest wind-generating facility is a very good buy for an energy company.she says we have good wind, the farm’s highly productive and has exceeded expectations, and wind’s a good portfolio asset for corporations. Bilyeu-Hesse is head of Win-Worth Betco, the Winnebago and Worth County betterment association, and says Houston-based Entergy, buyer of majority interest, will be a good neighbor.She says they’ve shown good stewardship and already told all landowners and county officials before announcing their purchase. The Houston firm’s bought 80-percent of the stock, though developers including Midwest Renewable Corporation will still keep control of the facility. She says the wind farm’s contract to sell Alliant Energy 100-percent of its generated power will not change because of the sale. Developers plan another wind farm, also in Worth County on the east side of the Interstate, to be built as soon as buyers are found to buy its generated power.